Monday, September 8, 2008

TEAM MEETING 09/17/08 2pm EST Virtual Lab Teams Room

The meeting room is reserved!

We will meet in the Virtual Labs Teams Room on Wednesday, 09/17/08 at 2 pm EST. Bring yourself, your ideas, your questions. See you there.

Here is the schedule of events for the Virtual Labs in case you want to check out other interesting meetings.

Here is a world clock to figure out what time our meeting will be in your part of the world

Here is where you can learn about how the virtual labs work

Please ask if you have any questions. It will be great to have input from everyone on the team.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Needle Felter's Poem

GFelted shared this post on our NFEST etsy PROMO forum thread

"someone left this lovely poem on needle felting on my blog for my best comment contest"

I sit here in my quiet space
Putting aside the day I’ve faced
Eagerly pulling my basket out
This is MY moment without a doubt.

So soft, the fiber between my fingers
I only wish this time could linger
For so many ideas run through my mind
If only I could find a little more time!

In and out the needle goes
What shape is next? Maybe toes?
Maybe eyelashes, or a tiny pout….
Alas, evening turns night…time has run out!

Yet tomorrow is another day,
I’ll do my work and then I’ll play!
I’ll sit there in my quiet space
and felt away the day I faced.