Monday, February 11, 2008

Neat new stuff

A quick perusal of the NFEST tag at Etsy found...

A very cool needlefelted griffin by Blackberry Downs

Julie Persons' fabulous teal needlefelted flower pin

Lady Spring needlefelted sculpture by FaerieRebecca (hey, that's me!)

Rose Thistle Artworks' lovely custom horse woolitures, made just for you

A spooky needlefelted white pumpkin with a skull face by DraigAthar

There are many more talented fiber artists selling on Etsy--do be sure to check them out!

4 comments: said...

Rebecca, Blog looks Great! Love the pictures!!! One request please: Could you please change the comments settings to allow everyone / anonymous to post comments? I've had friends email me to say they tried to post a comment on our group blog and weren't able to because of this. Also could you add me to the side bar as a member? Thanks Rebecca!

Linda :-)

Anonymous said...

Done :)

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

Great blog...and I would also like to be added to the sidebar as "Fairywebmother's Laboratory", if that would be possible.

Just FYI, I have had to start moderating comments on my blog. It's getting busy and with busy comes more spam...but lately it's been links to porn sites. Like anyone needs a reminder of how to find porn on the Internet...sigh..

Anyway, thanks for this cool blog!


Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. said...

OOPs! Fairywebmother's Laboratory is my Etsy shop is "Fairywebmother's Magic". :)