Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to make an Etsy Treasury

Orit of shared these great tips on how to create an etsy treasury on our forum thread over on etsy. I thought I would share them here so we can easily check back on them.

I have been asked about the treasuries-how do I know when the treasury will open?
Well-you need to count from the last one until you will see the 333
Usually it is on pafe 17
When you will find the time that it will be 333-you need to be at the treasury 10 minutes before as lately it does not fixed exactly at the time it is written and to wait
then, when the box open-do not dream-click the first letter if you do not want to loose it
-Prepare the treasury on the sketch
-Also you can follow the instructions [at the buttom of the treasury page
-After you post the treasury-go to the promotion thread and open a thread or go to a thread that is already there
This way you will have more comments
Important -in my point of view-to comment on all the treasuries you see at that thread

Yes-it is a lot of work BUT we can have better sales-all of us -if we will create many treasuries

Also lately allow poeple to feature one item from their shop -so -that is one more good reason to make this effert

Sorry about my English, I guess I have many mistakes BUT i am trying to get better all the time..

Hugs to you dear ladies
Here are the instructions of how to create a treasury
you will find there the poster sketch, you can add it to your favorites and prepare the treasury BEFORE you are trying to catch one so you will be able to create beautiful treasury

If you will prepare the treasury on poster sketch -it will take you couple of minutes to copy it to the treasury
I do it so fast now that most of the times I am the one that open the thread of the new treasuries
If I am not the faster one -I join thread that already open
Hope it helps


Brandon said...

Thanks for that, some fellow etsyians do now. I'll keep trying when it open to get one for the NFEST team!

keep felting

feltmeup designs said...

craftopolis now has a treasury clock whic tells you when the treasuries will open, thought you might like this!

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